Otology (diagnosis and treatment of all ear diseases)

• Treating ear canal infection(otitis externa)

• Surgical treatment of surfers ears(exostosis)

• Diagnosing ,treating middle ear diseases( otitis media)

• Insertion of ventilation tubes(grommets)

Major Ear surgery

• Microscopic surgery for Closing the ear drum perforations(tympanoplasty)

• Microscopic surgery for bridging the ossicular chain to improve hearing( ossiculoplasty)

• Treating advanced middle ear infections and mastoid disease(mastoidectomy)

Rhinology (diagnosis and treatment of nasal and sinuses diseases)

Treating nasal obstruction/snoring

       • Correcting nasal septal deviations(septoplasty)

       • Shrinking enlarged turbinates(turbinate reduction/turbinoplasty)


• Treating allergy/sinus infections/facial pain/neuralgias

• Sinus cysts,tumours

• Functional endoscopic Sinus Surgery(FESS)

• Closure of CSF(brain fluid) leak

• Medical and surgical treatment of nasal Bleeding(Epistaxis) for all ages

• Chronic cough and throat clearing related to sinus disease

• Treatment of nasal polyps

Laryngology/Head and neck and cancer surgery

• Diagnosis and treatment of voice disorders

(Dysphonias,hoarseness of the voice,singers nodules, precancerous and cancerous conditionsof the larynx)

• Stroboscopic voice analysis

• Treatment of benign and malignant diseases of the mouth,tongue throat,thyroid,salivary glands

• Release of tongue/lip tie

• Treatment of advanced skin cancers of the ears,lips, head and neck region

• Diagnosis and treatment of reflux disease(Trans nasal esophagoscopy),no sedation,no anaesthesia,no time off work.

• Voice restoration, correction of vocal cord paralysis and voice loss after thyroid surgery and throat cancer

• Minimally invasive thyroid surgery( small scar)

• Diagnosis and treatment of globus symptoms(feeling of lump,discomfort or hair  in the lower throat)



Advanced and extensive head and neck cancer patient are diagnosed in our centre but refered to Sydney for surgery, reconstruction and chemoradiotherapy.

Paediatric ENT(newborn-15 years old)

• Tonsillectomy,adenoidectomy,grommets insertion,allergy,nasal obstruction,snoring and paediatric sleep apnea treatment

• Removal of congenitral  thyroglossal,branchial  neck cysts

• Paediatric voice and airway diagnosis for recurrent croups,stridor(noisy breating in infants and children)

• Paediatric laryngoscopy and bronchoscopy

• Diagnosis and treatment of reflux disease and chronic cough

• Paediatric sinus surgery

• Paediatric Major ear surgery (closing ear drum perforations,bridging of ossicualr chain,treatment of advanced middle ear and mastoid disease (mastoidectomy)

• Correction of Bats ears(pinnaplasty)

• Treatment of paediatric chronic ear disease


Snoring and sleep surgery

• Diagnosis and treatment of snoring/sleep apnea,through sleep study or sleep endoscopy do optimise the treatment choice.

• Prescription of CPAP and oral apliances for snoring/sleep apnea.

• Multilevel sleep surgery

         • Septoplasty  and turbinates reduction

         • Tonsillectomy& adenoidectomy

         • Uvulopalatal flaps

         • Sling expantion pharyngoplasty

         • Tongue reduction

         • Hyoid bone suspention



Facial plastics Surgery

• Functional/Cosmetic septo rhinoplasty

• Pinnaplasty for Bat’s ears


Special procedures


• Minimally invasive thyroid/parathyroid surgery

Done through a small 2-3 cm incision with the help of the endoscope. Mainly for removal of thyroid glands with nodules

• Transnasal esophagoscopy

State of the art, no sedation esophagoscopy to diasgnose esophagitis,reflus,cancer,barrets esophagus,all without the need of sedation,anaesthesia and time off work


Chronic cough ,throat clearing treatment

Direct laryngoscopies, esophagoscopy (transnasal with no sedation), bronchoscopy and bronchial washing to obtain diagnostic samples for cancer and chronic lung disease.

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